Rock Island Arsenal Museum


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Temporary Exhibits

Experiencing Veterans & Artist Collaboration
December 14 - February 15

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Using storytelling and art, EVAC (Experiencing Veterans & Artist Collaboration) Project bridges the gap between civilians and veterans by educating the public about military life. EVAC curators interviewed veterans about their experiences, and artists made an edition of prints based on their interpretation of those stories. The prints are exhibited with excerpts from the interviews.

EVAC gives glimpses into real people's lived experiences and creates an environment for a viewer that invites a genuine understanding and engagement. The process of storytelling and interpretation central to EVAC makes it a project uniquely positioned to promote empathy from multiple groups - the artist and viewer for the veteran's experience, and the veteran for the artist's realization of their stories.

Veterans in this exhibition included service from World War II through the post 9/11 period, and are from all five branches of the military. Artists are professionals from across the country, and they used a variety of printmaking techniques, including etching, serigraphy, relief printing, mezzotint, and lithography. EVAC has exhibited at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Reagan National Airport, Walter Reed Medical Center and the Army Transportation Museum. Future exhibitions include Dulles
International Airport, Manhattan College, Emporia Arts Center and other venues. Learn more at

Rock Island Rosies: Women Workers of the Arsenal
Up until November 2, 2019

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The role of women in US Army manufacturing is closely tied with larger social change and larger shifts in what defines the American workforce.

This exhibit highlights the women workers at Rock Island Arsenal through their work, their challenges, and their lives. You will discover the impact war has on advancing change and how that change can quickly return to the status quo.

The experiences of these women was unique to Rock Island Arsenal but is also representative of nationwide and global changes that have brought women into the US Army workforce in the 20th century.

Virtual Exhibits

History of the Rock Island Arsenal Museum

The Rock Island Arsenal Museum is the U.S. Army’s second oldest museum. Explore its early history and the artifacts that make it a regional and national destination.


Word on the Streets

Discover the history of Rock Island Arsenal through the names of its many streets, avenues, and drives.


Women Workers of Rock Island Arsenal

Women have played integral roles at Rock Island Arsenal and the many missions it has supported. This virtual exhibit explores their stories and contributions they made, and continue to make, to the U.S. Army.


The Road to Freedom: A History of the 108th Infantry Regiment, USCT

Between 1863 and 1865, the Rock Island Prison Barracks was guarded by the 108th Infantry Regiment, United States Colored Troops. Their story is one of hardship and hope as it provided a road to freedom for many formerly enslaved men who filled the unit's rank.

Mapping the Arsenal - Virtual Exhibit

Explore the history of Rock Island Arsenal through historic maps of the island dating from the early 19th century through today. Discover unique stories and rarely seen artifacts from the island's history.